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Our Services

Promotional Products

Promotional products, promotional items, promotional merchandise, promotional gifts, or advertising gifts such as a pen, mug, bag, t-shirt, coaster, calendar, cap, clock, padfolio, etc., given away to current or prospective customer. These items usually carry the organization logo, name and address of the company, as well as information on the products and services, and serve as reminders. Also called advertising novelty or advertising specialty. 


Screen Printing

Screen Printing is one of the oldest forms of decoration in Branded Apparel.  Screen printing is the process of burning an image into a screen and then pulling a squeegee across the screen pulling the ink through to the garment.  Screen Printing is based on the number of colors in a design.  Screen Printing is an excellent solution when individual colors cover a large portion of the design.  


Heat Transfer 

Heat Transfers have changed a great deal from what is remembered in the '80s.  The ideal branding solution for performance material garments due to the flexibility of the print.  Whether your design is a 1-color design or a Full-Color design, we have great solutions when using this process.


E-Commerce Solutions​


GO USA has great solutions when it comes to providing an e-commerce solution for your business or group.  Whether it is a "pop-up" store or a permanent store, we have multiple solutions to fit your needs.


Direct to Garment Printing

GO USA has been doing DTG printing almost from day one of its inception.  Branded as "ColorBLAST", our DTG printing provides a full-color option and amazing detail.  With the ability to print as many colors as desired, there is no reason to limit the design's colors.  Once a design has been printed, there are no further set-up charges for re-orders.  DTG printing does have some limitations on garment material and prints best on 100% cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts.



Regarded as the highest perceived value for branded apparel, embroidery continues to be our number one decoration process.  Embroidery is considered an art and not a science.  Embroidery should always be viewed at an arm's length away.  Embroidery does have limitations in terms of text size to provide legibility.  Embroidery pricing is based on the total number of stitches in the design.  

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